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The perfect amount of sour and sweet and fruity. Has a nice texture without being grainy. They were chewy without making your jaw tired.

These are treats I have sometimes bought for our mini dachshund, Benny. With Christmas we sometimes spend extra for him. He has been a good boy and these are excellent for helping with dental care for dogs.

We only drink this coffee in the morning one or 2 cups and at night 1 cup. Is very good. We move to Minnesota and our relatives also beginning to like this coffee.


I order this coffee every time and have been drinking it for years. I do try different kinds but always come back to this.


I love, love, love these disposable socks. So easy and relaxing to use. Just put them on your feet, using the little tape attachment to close them.

Smells wonderful! Creamy rich lather that rinses off clean with no residue left on skin. Moisturizing and helps with the cracked elbows and heels.
I am very ‘light-skinned’ but this sunscreen keeps me protected from sunburns like no other sunscreen that I’ve tried! It continues to protect well into the day regardless of the temperature.

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Learn about our family owned business.

We are a family-owned wholesale e-commerce business, that has a reputation for keeping pricing low while maintaining a high level of quality in our products. We source our products directly from manufacturers and cut out the middlemen, which allows us to offer competitive pricing for our customers.

How we keep prices low!

One way that we keep pricing low, is by being strategic about how we hold our inventory. We have a sophisticated inventory management system that allows us to track sales trends and adjust our inventory accordingly. By only stocking products that are in high demand, we are able to avoid excess inventory and reduce costs overall. Additionally, we continuously work closely with manufacturers to negotiate the best possible pricing on their products.

We pass on the savings!

Another factor contributing to our efficient business model is the ability to operate with fewer overhead costs than larger companies by investing in technology and automation to streamline our operations and reduce labor costs. This allows us to pass on savings to you, the customer, without sacrificing quality or service.